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Welcome to the Free Invoice Generator– the ultimate sidekick for any small business owner, freelancer or contractor who wants to create professional-looking invoices, quickly and effectively at zero cost.

How to Use Free Invoice Generator

Sending invoices that are clearly laid out, consistently formatted, and that contain all the necessary information is essential to any growing business. Following these best practices will build trust with your customer, prevent any confusion, and ultimately help you to get paid faster. Thanks to the free online invoice generator, you can create professional invoices that will accelerate the payment process and boost your business cash flow.

Creating invoice templates on accounting software can be costly; drafting invoices using design tools requires technical skills; and simple word processors can be very frustrating when it comes to invoice formatting. This invoice maker is intuitive and simple to use, and lets you download your invoice as a PDF with a click — and without any technical knowledge or experience required. Simply enter all the relevant information into the fields provided and upload a logo to help your clients recognise your brand.

The Best Invoice Generator that Everyone Can Use Easily

Streamlining your administrative process is essential to running your own business as it will save you time and money. By using the free online invoice generator as well as a consistent numbering system, you will be able to stay organised and help your customers to easily identify the specific invoice and ensure accuracy. A clear and consistent invoicing process will make it easier to track payments and save you headaches at tax time!

With no limit to how many invoices you can generate, save our Free Invoice Generator to your bookmarks and enjoy simple, stress-free bookkeeping whenever you need it!

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Ready to upgrade your online invoicing?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Free Invoice Generator is an online invoice maker tool that helps business owners and freelancers to create professional-looking invoices quickly and easily, helping to streamline their administrative process. The free generated invoice can be saved as a PDF, which can then be sent directly to the client via email.

This invoice generator is useful for a wide range of users, from freelancers or contractors who work on a project-by-project basis, to small business owners who are invoicing customers for goods or services provided. This tool will help you to save time and avoid the need to invest in costly invoicing software. If you are just starting out, the template and text prompts will also be especially helpful for any new business owner who is not yet familiar with the invoicing process. Regardless of your experience level or business size, if you have an invoice to be paid, the Free Invoice Generator is for you.

  1. In the From field, enter your business name, address, phone number, email address, and any other relevant contact information.
  2. In the To field, enter the name, address, phone number, and email address of the client or customer you are invoicing.
  3. Enter the invoice number, the date the invoice is being sent, the payment due date, and in the Description fields, enter the products and/or services you are invoicing for.
  4. Next to the item description, enter the unit price, quantity and (if necessary) the tax percentage to be applied. The total amount owed as well as the total amount of tax will be automatically calculated.
  5. Customise the invoice by uploading your brand logo in the top left hand corner.
  6. Once you have entered all the necessary information, review the invoice to ensure everything is accurate. You can then save the invoice as a PDF and send it directly to the client via email.

The Free Invoice Generator does not have any of these functionalities. If you are looking for a more advanced online invoicing solution that lets you send invoices for free, accept payments affordably online, track payment status, create customisable templates, set automatic reminders and generate reports by customer, then Zeller Invoices is the tool for you. Zeller Invoices is an all-in-one online invoicing solution that helps get you paid faster by enabling customers to pay quickly and securely online, 24/7. It’s free to sign up for Zeller Invoices online, with no monthly subscription fees or lock-in contracts.